K-FAB was founded in Sundsvall, Sweden in 1974.
K-G Granström made reality of his dream -running his own lighting business!
In the early 2000s, his son Tommy took over and the business expanded.
K-FAB has offices in Stockholm, Sweden and in Chaozhou, China,
the headquarter still remains in Sundsvall, in the scenic northern Scandinavia.
Our pleasant lighting is today found at retailers all over the world!

At K-FAB we like to highlight that we are from northern Scandinavia, why?
The beautiful light!
In the summer we are blessed with long, light nights.
In the winter we are probably the best in the world at creating cosy, pleasantly lit homes.

For us, Scandinavia also stands for simplicity, personal relationships and direct communication.
This is how we work at K-FAB and how we want our customers to see us.

Our commitment is “A BRIGHTER CHOICE” for everyone!

K-FAB business idea
K-FAB shall, by personal service, great flexibility and efficient logistics be a supplier of modern,
affordable and atmospheric lighting for the home.

K-FAB values
Our three value words are awareness, simplicity and comfort.
These value words are the foundation on which we stand, and the basis on
which we take decisions about the company’s activities and communication.

Environment and CSR
We always strive to minimize our products’ impact on the environment – through the entire chain.
K-FAB complies with all laws and regulations regarding environmental and labor laws.

CE and safety
All our products are CE certified according to EN60598-1.
We also follow other markets demands on certification, for ex.
- SAA Australia, New Zealand
- CCC China
Our staff on site ensure the safety of the products.


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